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The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit is everything you will need to take charge of your fertility

Start the family you have always dreamt of. 





Our ovulation and pregnancy test strips combo kit comes with a 99% accuracy guarantee. FDA and CE approved and registered. Know when the time is right to conceive your future family.



Our ovulation test kit comes with more than just pregnancy tests; it includes ovulation tests as well, so you know your exact fertility cycle without any questions or concerns



Take a test and upload the image of your test strip through our app. Smilereader will help you find out the best time to get pregnant. It's available on iOS and Android.



Instead of paying doctors thousands of dollars to tell you when you’re ovulating, now you can save your time and money with Smilereader kit


Smilereader App



The Smile Reader home screen is made up of tailor-made message cards, test result data and information cards. The messages that each one of you receives are different based on your status



The chart screen shows the test results and related data values.You may check your data and consult the graph to understand the pattern of your hormone levels and your fertility window.



The dates highlighted with a green outline are the expected fertile days based on your previous cycle entered into the app. The more accurate dates will be displayed in the color green.



When you click at the center of the home screen, your previous test records will be displayed allowing you to see the hormone progression pattern.

Tutorial Video

How to use the App

Smilereader lets you know the best time to take your test and provides tailor-made message cards. Messages correspond to your unique status, but work towards the same goal, as outlined below;

1. Once you have entered your last menstrual cycle dates, the app will calculate the best time to start ovulation testing.

2. Until the LH hormone fully peaks, you may see several messages. For example, "Try Tomorrow", "The LH level is low" and "The LH level is in mid-range". We recommended tests be taken at the same time each day until you have a surge in the LH hormone.

3. When your LH levels have reached their highest value, the app provides a message reading “You got a peak today, you have the maximum chance of conception” with an image of a baby’s smiling face.

4. Keep testing until you see a message "As LH surge has passed, you are ovulating today! Today is the last day of the

   period with the highest likelihood of conception". This will be displayed a day or two after the LH surge.

Just keep this in mind, test until you see a baby's smiling face displayed on your screen.

Those are your most fertile days, on which you are most likely to get pregnant.

All you have to do is enter your latest menstrual cycle, complete a urine strip test, and upload an image of the strip.

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