Smilelab aims to be a strong supporter during the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting for prospective parents who are planning to have a family. 

Our History

Smilelab was established in Korea.


Achieved sales over $1 million.

Entered the U.S. market via Amazon.


Expanded into the Singapore market.

Launched the first product and the application, Smilereader.


Gained a certificate of patent for the invention of Smilereader app from Korean Intellectual Property Office. 


Established in 2013, we have been making an effort to provide an integrative solution

from pregnancy to childcare through continuous product research and development.

Main Products

‘Smilereader' makes it easy and convenient to track the ovulatory phase to alert the optimal fertile period during the pregnancy preparation process so it increases the possibility of pregnancy. 

‘6days ahead’ with the high sensitivity of pregnancy confirmation identifies 6 days ahead of the next menstrual period and solves questions of prospective parents who are expecting pregnancy so that they can prepare the pregnancy period promptly and lead to the stable settlement of fetus.

Product Line-up

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