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How Long Does My Fertile Window Last?

When it’s time to settle down and start a family, you and your partner need to understand your body’s natural cycling to get it right. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not so easy to get pregnant. You have to conceive the child while you are ovulating, otherwise known as the process in which the egg descends into the uterine lining for fertilization.

You want to know when this is happening. It’s called your fertile window.

How Long Are Fertile Windows?

Once an egg is released, it has 24 hours to get fertilized before it dissolves. However, sperm can live for up to 5 days inside a woman. You have the 6-days of Fertile Window; from 5 days before ovulation through the day of ovulation.

When Should I Have Sex?

According to Dr. Wilcox, the likely hood of conceiving is distributed for a total of 6 days including the ovulation day, as shown in the figure below. You can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you have more than one relationship during this six-day period. SmileReader tells you two or three days with the most likely to be pregnant with a smiling baby. If you are planning on getting pregnant, do not miss the day when you see and heard the smiley baby!

Smilereader Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Kit

Using our 30 ovulation tests and accompanying free mobile app, you can start to track your own personal ovulation schedule. Every woman is unique, which is why we want you to have access to your own ovulating calendar right from your mobile device.

Now, you know when the right fertile window is approaching, so you never have to miss the opportunity to start your family again. Plus, you can mitigate all the waiting and guessing, which can take a toll after years and years of trying.

Also including 10 pregnancy tests, you have everything you need to plan, conceive, and achieve the family of your dreams. It all starts with your ovulation calendar.

It’s time to know your body.


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