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SmileReader App Overview of hCG mode

Traditional pregnancy test users are dependent on their sense of sight to read results, and so this leaves room for error. For example, they may fail to note the color difference between the test line and the control line. SmileReader, on the other hand, detects the color density and represents the hormone levels by numbers and provides situational messages to avoid confusion.

You can select your test type between ovulation and pregnancy test.

Under pregnancy test mode, the Smilereader provides various modes such as invert mode and gray mode to help you read more accurate test results. You can directly adjust the light and the contrast of the image by dragging the buttons at the bottom. The blue and green graph under the image of the test shows how the levels of light and contrast change.

For the pregnancy test strips, you'll see the numbers after uploading your test strip to the app. The numbers mean the degree of darkness of the test line compared to the control line. If you got 1.0 or more, you should be able to see a faint or a little thicker line, which is positive.

Example of when your hCG level is high.

Example of when your hCG level is low.

Since the HCG level tends to double every two to three days in the early pregnancy, We would recommend you take pregnancy tests for a few days to see the increase, and see a doctor for confirmation of pregnancy.

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